Banned Company

Through this email I report a fraud case, that happen to me by one of the Spanish citizens living in Cordoba

Brief explanation About the Spanish citizens are below:

Name: Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez
Address 1: Musico Guerrero, 2 14012 Cordoba Spain
Address 2: Martin De Saavedra 14. 14012 Cordoba Spain
Tel: +34610241271
website :

He made a purchase transaction for goods that is pearls in 2020 October and now still leaves the remaining payment which he always promised to pay and he said he had transferred but so far it’s a lie.

I have contact and coordination with the Indonesian embassy in Spain and the embassy help mediated through the embassy there in Madrid, but unfortunately failed, he (Pico) always promises to send me the money but he lie again again, and the embassy visited the address above but could not find Mr Pico there, he said he is in overseas.

Until now, the problem was not solved, its very big for me, its really burnden me , the embassy continues contact mr pico, and many times the mediation process is plan but Mr. Pico never responds it serious.

and I am also report this case to my fried and my friend help me connect to a lawyer, and lawyer contact him and he reply again with promise, i ask the lawyer to bring this case to a court , due to money problem I think she not respond me, that is why i contacted your agent.

i am continue with this person below:

Francisco Javier Fernandez Sanchez, who is called Pico, also listed on his website page Have an office address in Jakarta which when we went and contacted the office, it’s not there anymore. A side of that Mr. Pico had a suspended account because there are debts left with that company.

There is no goodwill from Mr Pico to me, and I have been patient for a long time and now my demands I want to take legal action and sue Mr. Pico and ask the Spanish Embassy to find Mr. Pico.