Indonesia South Sea Pearls

As the leading producer, Indonesia, one can assess their beauty in terms of luster, color, size, shape and surface quality. Pearls with the majestic color of Imperial Gold are produced only by oysters cultivated in Indonesian waters. In terms of luster, South Sea pearls, both natural and cultured, have a very distinct appearance.

Due to their unique natural luster, they exhibit a gentle inner glow which is noticeably different from the surface shine of other pearls. It is sometimes described as comparing the glow of candle-light with that of a fluorescent light. Occasionally, pearls of very fine quality will exhibit a phenomenon known as orient.

This is the combination of a translucent luster with subtle reflections of color. The most radiant colors of South Sea pearls are white or white with various colored overtones. Overtones can be almost any color of the rainbow, and are derived from the natural colors of the nacre of the South Sea pearl oyster.

When combined with a translucent intense luster, they create the effect known as “orient”. Colors that are dominantly found include, Silver, Pink White, White Rose, Golden White, Gold Cream, Champagne and Imperial Gold. Imperial gold color is the rarest of all. This majestic color is produced only by the oysters cultivated in Indonesian waters.

South Sea cultured pearls are superior in size, and are generally between 10mm and 15 millimeters. When bigger sizes are found, rarer pearls above 16 millimeters and occasionally in excess of 20 millimeters are highly prized by connoisseurs. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then South Sea Pearls offer a myriad of opportunities of beauty to behold, as no two pearls are exactly the same. Due to the thickness of their nacre, South Sea cultured pearls are found in an exciting variety of shapes.

Pearl nacre is a beautiful matrix of calcium carbonate crystals and special substances produced by the oyster. This matrix is laid down in perfectly formed microscopic tiles, layer upon layer.

The thickness of the pearl is determined by the number of layers, and the thickness of each layer. The appearance of the nacre will be determined by whether the calcium crystals are “flat” or “prismatic”, by the perfection with which the tiles are laid, and by the fineness and number of layers of tiles.

The effect on the pearl’s beauty depends on the degree of visibility of these perfections. This surface quality of the pearl is described as the pearl’s complexion.

Although the shape does not affect the quality of a pearl, the demand for particular shapes does have a bearing on value. For convenience, South Sea cultured pearls are graded into these seven shape categories. Several categories are further divided into numerous sub-categories:

1) Round;

2) Semi-Round;

3) Baroque;

4) Semi-Baroque;

5) Drop;

6) Circle;

7) Button.

Oud Trade in Saudi Arabia

In our Umrah program go to the holy land in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on April and May 2013, our chance to meet with several owners off perfume factory and agarwood oil seller.

The price that we offer they like. They really need pure agarwood oil.

Agarwood oil production is limited and demand of market is huge in Saudi Arabia.

It’s amazing, in saudi arabia so many stores of Agarwood at a mall. You can see dozens of agarwood oil stores, one company can have 3 even 4 stores in one mall, for us in Indonesia it is a wonderful thing.What we found Arabian peoples they only know Cambodia oil, the oil on their minds is the best and they loved it.

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It is true that Cambodia oil has its own characteristic odor, a strange smell, which is difficult to be liked except by lovers of Agarwood oil itself.

When the shopkeeper offers kalimantan Agarwood oil we sell to them, buyers are asking, is this Agarwood oil from Cambodia? Imagine how they liked the oil.

Nice can be in a pleasant atmosphere in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Agarwood Hunter how they find Agarwood

Adventures of Agarwood Hunters

We wrote this article, to inform our resellers and Souqalbadu customers to know how struggle The Agarwood seekers.

Agarwood seeker creat groups, number of people in a group is 20 to 30 Peoples.

They are all financed and equipped by the Agarwood Busnissman, and the results will be sold to the collector that financed them.

Carrying a backpack, weight aprox 30kg, axes, knife, tents, cooking tools for their live and journey in the forest.

Walking, entering the wild forests of Borneo, by betting their lives looking for Agarwood, one month they spend, night and day in the jungle, is something that should be paid high for what they get.

Snakes, Tiger, Bear, they facing it.

What about if they are sick in the forest? It’s the risk they said to us.

Exit from the forest to seek help on logging companies that can bring us to the city

Travel into the forest, can 7 days to 10 days, arriving at the target area, then they build a tent, no, no, it’s not finished, tent is build backpack is prepared for the next journey, they split up, 2 or 3 person walking around the jungle, look for signs of Agarwood tree that is ready to cut. How far did they walk? They walked again for 2 or 3 days, takes about 70 to 100 km.

They walked for so far, if they find a sign of Agarwood tree, then they will settle there, start working with their axes and knifes, cutting trees and looking for the Agarwood.

If they are already getting enough results, then they will return to the main tent, where they wait for friends – other friends who are still searching for Agarwood into the forest.

Imagine, happened several months ago, the adventurers were getting Agarwood double super in one tree for 4 kg, WAW windfall

HIgh Grade Oud Oil
HIgh Grade Oud Oil

Back into their stories in the jungle, after they all gather at the main tent, they all share stories, ops, there is forgotten, there are some Agarwood seeker that not return yet, there are some member lost in the jungle, imagine 100km walk, in the wilderness, new areas not yet known before, well, the group will look for those who have not returned, with signs that they had agreed before.

May they return safely …. all