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  • One of the Best Character of Agarwood Oil Smell in the World for Your Ladies


    Sumbawa Agarwood oil, Beautiful Scent, Sweet, Soft, Dark Yellow or Dark Red.

    We have limited stock of Sumbawa Agarwood oil, due to the material.

    The women oud agarwood oil

    I’ve received the package today ( the Sumbawa oil ). It’s very instant delivery. I had a quick sample on my hand. It’s reddish with distinctive pleasant aroma. it’s sweet but mild. It worths its value. Thank you.

  • Malinau or Malino Agarwood Oil

    Borneo Agarwood Oil

    Borneo Agarwood Oil

    ” It’s another jewel in the collection. The smell mesmerizes my senses and conveys my imagination in the Borneo’s jungles “

    East Borneo Berau City, Strong, Sweeter, Fresh, Fruity, Gold Color, Thick, Woody and off course Pure 100%

    We do not have large stock for this oil, due to the material we use is selected wood chips, since the good material is hard to find now in Borneo.

    Do not hesitate to buy from us.

    Note : Borneo is Kalimantan (Clemantan)

  • Merauke Agarwood Oil

    Agarwood Oil from Merauke of Irian Jaya

    Agarwood Material Description.

    This Agarwood is live under water, the texture of this Agarwood is different from all Agarwood in the world, brown color and sweet smile address this Agarwood material, all people that have smell Irian Agarwood will never forget the smell when he smell it again, you could address the Irian Agarwood scent because this Agarwood has a very special scent.

    Agarwood Oil Description

    – Sweet smell

    – Dark Green

    – Delicious scent

    – Thin

    – Soft

    – Fresh Sweet

    – Pure without added by other item.