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  • How many color does south sea cultured pearl has ?

    Pearl Color

    The base colors and the common color of pearls are:




    4. Gold.

    5. Cream

    we talk about south sea pearl, Tahitian pearl  have other colors like black. what we talk here is south sea pearl.

    Regarding white, we have some common color for south sea pearl like:

    1. White – white

    2. White – silver

    3. White – yellow

    4. White – pink

    5. White – green (rare)

    6. white – cream

    – About other color, like silver, there are not much different, just say dark or light.

    – for Gold Color, sometimes we can find like, Gold Green, Gold Red, the main color is gold the surface is green, antique..

    – about Yellow color, we have some other color like, dark yellow and light yellow, we also have champagne color pearl.