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  • Wholesale Lombok Indonesia Loose South Sea pearl

    Loose South Sea Pearl

    Loose South Sea Pearl

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    Dear Buyer

    Thanks for your interest to deal with us.

    we would like to introduce that we commonly sell pearls in wholesale, from low to high grade in one Big LOT.

    in one big LOT we grade the pearl as.

    1. Round – Grade A,B,C

    2. Good Shape – Grade A,B,C

    3. Low Grade, like D etc

    4. Circle Grade

    5. Keshi

    6. Baroque

    or just say we sell the pearl in Harvest composition. in one harvest composition you will found those kind of pearls.

    what about the color in each grade, do you mix it?

    we commonly separate the color, like White, Yellow, gold, silver, and cream. These color are the majority of color we have in our farm and other pearl farm.

    What About the size?

    Commonly Size is 10-12mm or 10-13mm we have 14,15,and16mm but not many.